A Star Is Born - For every moment of every day a child is born. Their gift of simply being in this world should be cherished. As if they were A new star that further illuminates the night sky with wonderment.  
Catch a Falling Star
Catch a Falling StarRosies Place publication
I’m glad now that Bruce didn’t take My problems in his stride - he made me share my worries and not hold them deep inside.  
Dinosaurs Do Dance
Dinosaurs Do DanceRosies place Publication
The Needs of children and their right to be safe at all times, and all places should be put first.
The Mothering Tree
The Mothering TreeRosies Place publication
And then I felt something tugging at me I couldn’t see it but I knew it was there. I wanted to rest… to sleep.. to just keep floating. But it was there pulling me up… my Truth...
Navigating The Storm
Navigating The StormRosies Place Publication